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Wuzhen embraces new nickname, ‘Internet Town’


Wuzhen, a historic water town in Zhejiang province,China, has now embraced its new nickname, “Internet Town”, after becoming permanent venue for the World Internet Conference (WIC).     

The local government treats the WIC’s presence not only a great honor, but also a great responsibility. Lu Yuedong, Party chief of Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province, told Zhejiang Satellite TV on Wednesday that the government will fulfill three duties:


Lu Yuedong,the Party chief of Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province, anwsers a question at the press conference of 2nd World Internet Conference on Dec 9. [Photo/]

“First, we will try to make it a successful conference. WIC is on our priority list of government work. We will improve both facilities and services for the conference. We will strengthen the landscape planning of Wuzhen to keep its classic features as a Southern-China water town while at the same time making it more international and intelligent.

Second, to speed up economic growth, we will use the conference to promote the “Internet Plus” initiative and accelerate industrial upgrades by combining the Internet with industrialization, agricultural development, urbanization, and modernization in the service sector.

Third, benefiting our people. We will attach great importance to the civil application of Internet technologies, and develop online smart services in healthcare, pensions, transportation, environmental protection, governance and other areas, which will benefit all people and raise their satisfaction.”

Lu also extends his warmest welcome to all the people from around the world, and invites them to appreciate the beauty of an ancient town with modern network civilization.