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Internet era ushers in dramatic changes


The rocketing advances in network information technology in China have ushered in the new era of the "internet of everything", bringing dramatic changes to all aspects of everyday life.

Roughly 57 percent of all traditional retailers in China have been affected by intelligent logistics systems, many of which have switched over to the more efficient and cheaper method.

Yunda Express, a Chinese package delivery company, now uses a completely automated package sorting line. The system can handle 20,000 packages per hour, largely raising efficiency and saving on manpower by 40 percent.

The service industry has also seen breakthroughs thanks to the internet. Statistics provided by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that revenue for the internet-related service industry has jumped by at least 40 percent as of August this year.

The transaction volume of China's takeout food market increased by 33 percent to 166.2 billion yuan ($25.01 billion) in 2016 and the number for 2017 is estimated to hit 204.6 billion yuan, according to the iiMedia Research, a leading mobile internet consulting firm.

Ma Li, president of the China Internet Development Foundation said that China has become a major network power and has been leading the world with many innovations on the internet.

The "internet of everything" has contributed to building smart cities by facilitating services in elderly care, medical treatment and urban management. Nearly 20 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices are expected to be deployed all over the world to support the upgrades by the end of this year.

As of June in 2017, China has 751 million internet users, accounting for 20 percent of the global total, exceeding the global average by 4.6 percent with a penetration rate of 54.3 percent.