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Tongxiang turns up its internet for good of all


The picturesque water town of Wuzhen, Tongxiang city has been changing lives for the better since it became the host of the World Internet Conference in 2014.

The internet industry in the area is flourishing and free WiFi is available across the whole scenic town, allowing visitors to purchase tickets, book accommodation, and access online tourist information all from their phones.


Residents can scan QR codes on the packaging of fresh produce to find out information about it from farm to table. [Photo/]

At the modernized farmers' markets, residents are now able to track and trace every bit of information about the produce they are buying – from where it was grown to how fresh it is, all via scanning QR codes on packaging. This internet system improved food safety and increased government efficiency resulting in reduced costs for watchdogs.

The government has made the most of the internet to provide quality, efficient and convenient services. Internet administrative procedures and materials are now available to companies and residents. An online administrative approval system was also opened to handle most administrative approvals over the internet.


Administrative procedures are posted online and are just a quick scan away. [Photo/]

Traditional industries in Tongxiang have also seen renewed vigor from the internet. The application of high-end technology to the manufacturing, management and sales has sharpened their competitiveness, giving impetus to industrial transformation and upgrading.


Mobile payment is available in almost all stores in Wuzhen. [Photo/]