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Internet industry on the up in Wuzhen


Since the first World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen in 2014, the ancient water town has experienced a boom in its internet industry.

Official statistics show that as of September this year, there are 148 internet registered companies in Wuzhen with a total registered capital of 4.04 billion yuan ($608 million). The internet industry has played an important role in rejuvenating Wuzhen's economics.

A pilot zone for internet innovation was launched in Wuzhen in early 2015 to become an information economics development demonstration zone.

In the same year, China's first internet hospital was launched in Wuzhen, offering online medical services for patients.

According to Zhang Qunhua, director of the internet hospital, the information system used is connected with over 2,400 hospitals in China's 30 provinces. Through the information sharing system, users can receive medical services from around 290,000 doctors across the country's major hospitals.

It is a far cry from the traditional farming industry which has provided revenue for Wuzhen for over 6,000 years. With the development of the internet industry, an increasing number of local companies are using the internet to help improve their business models.

Jiaxing Sanzhenzhai Foodstuff, a Chinese time-honored company established in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), is one of those businesses. Xu Jie, vice president of Sanzhenzhai keeps pace with internet economic trends and has helped the company develop and use e-commerce trade platforms.

As a result, Sanzhenzhai's revenue from 2014 to 2015 rose to 160 million yuan ($24.09 million).


The night scenery of Wuzhen, host of the fourth World Internet Conference, is spectacular to behold. [Photo/WeChat account: wzgilyq]


An internet hospital recently opened in Wuzhen offering online medical services for patients. [Photo/Xinhua]