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Wuzhen offers new, smart touches to guests


The 5th World Internet Conference (WIC), which will be held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province from Nov 7 to 9, pledges better experiences to visitors and participants with upgraded infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies.

The main venue of this year's event remains the Wuzhen International Internet Exhibition & Convention Center. Its interior is built to international large conference standards with fully-fledged hardware facilities, full coverage of 3G/4G and WiFi, and gigabit wired desktop-accessible broadband.

Meanwhile, the newly built 48,000-square-meter Yunzhou Guest Service Center, the second phase of the convention center, will host the WIC Gala Banquet-The Night of Wuzhen on Nov 7. It features a heavy use of traditional Chinese elements including blue-and-white porcelain in a water town setting.


The newly built 48,000-square-meter Yunzhou Guest Service Center will host the WIC Gala Banquet-The Night of Wuzhen on Nov 7. [Photo/Publicity Department of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee]

The service center consists of a major banquet hall, a cafeteria, a multifunctional hall and 17 boxes. It will be able to provide dining service to 3,000 attendees and journalists, saving them from rushing to other locations for meals.

It is noteworthy that Wuzhen has prepared more than 400 extra guestrooms this year to make sure that all 1,500 invited guests can rest at night in the ancient town.

In addition to the upgraded infrastructure, this year's WIC will also be further intelligentialized, with pioneering technologies such as intelligent genes, facial recognition and artificial intelligence widely applied to guest registration, conference services and information release.

The auto-gate staff channel at the entrance of the convention center is equipped with a 10.1-inch LCD touch screen, which is able to compare faces with documents and cuts the avenge entrance time to one second.

At the Yunzhou Guest Service Center, there are information release screens, which allow visitors to sign in via facial recognition and determine their table and seat information for the evening banquet.

The "Wuzhen Summit" App has also been upgraded to provide one-stop services for guests, who can inquire about their own agenda and sub-forum information, find volunteers, and access the 3D navigation and real-time translation functions.

The superfast 5G network, LED transparent screens, and driverless vehicles are also ready to offer visitors a peek into the future.


An unmanned automatic sweeper is cleaning the floor. [Photo/Publicity Department of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee]


A staffer demonstrates how to open the door of a guestroom with a swipe of ID and facial recognition. [Photo/Publicity Department of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee]