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Technology must aim to be life-improving

China Daily Updated: 2018-11-09


A ministerial forum themed "Bridging the Digital Divide" serves as a sub forum of the Fifth World Internet Conference. [Photo/VCG]

Not all the activities at the ongoing Fifth World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province, involve successful entrepreneurs or technology geeks. Qianjiang Evening comments:

The Zhejiang Daily Group and Ant Financial organized a photo exhibition at the conference called "100 persons and the internet". The 100 photos on display were chosen from more than 10,000 photos, and are of 100 people from 12 countries around the world whose lives have been changed by the internet.

The organizers of the activity said they hoped the exhibition would bring technology closer to people.

The internet has given many people an opportunity to realize their dreams. And thanks to the internet people are more aware than ever that they are inhabitants of a global village.

The internet has promoted communication among people around the world and helped spread knowledge, changing people's lives.

The transformative power of the technology is evident in China, where the internet has helped to create millions of jobs and new opportunities and foster good governance and industrial upgrading. Over 800 million people use the internet in China and the digital economy now accounts for over 30 percent of the country's gross domestic product.

To stage such a photo exhibition-the first of its kind during the World Internet Conference-has a strong symbolic meaning, showing the inclusiveness and openness of the internet has been a means to help the disadvantaged enjoy better lives.

Science and technology should always serve the people. Without the participation of people, technology will only be cold data and machines. Being people-oriented brings technology "warmth".

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