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High tech plays big role in sports development

wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2020-11-05

Nowadays, the importance of science and technology in promoting the development of sports has become increasingly prominent. With the rapid development of computer technology, smart sports based on digitalization, networking, and smart technology is becoming a hot spot in the sports world.

By collecting and analyzing data in the process of playing sports, smart sports helps athletes train scientifically and improve their performance level, as well as assist coaches and managers in their decision-making and management. It can not only meet the needs of competitive sports, but also change and promote the development of sports in the aspects of national fitness and public sports initiatives.

Electronic performance and tracking systems (EPTS) were fully adopted for the first time at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Their main functions were to automatically collect and present spatiotemporal information of sports to realize the digital reading of training and competition performance.

As part of EPTS, Catapult wearable sensors were also approved for use in the World Cup for the first time. They can monitor athletes' running distance, speed, running rhythm, impact load, heart rate, and other data, as well as conduct in-depth analysis. At present, equipment of this kind have become a standard for professional football, hockey, and rugby team training all over the world.

The combination of new visualization technology, wireless communication, and emerging internet technologies continues to break through the limits of distance, creating conditions for viewers to achieve contactless, close-range watching and interactive experiences at home.

The Beijing Winter Olympics will be broadcast on 5G+VR platforms. Through the 360-degree viewing angle brought by VR technology, viewers can freely rotate their perspective to watch the events, realizing an immersive sense of being there live. Viewers can not only see completely real sports scenes, but also achieve an experience beyond reality.

The evaluation and training assistance of sports technology are an important application field of artificial intelligence technology in the development of the national fitness industry. The smart exercise prescription system can help formulate suitable exercise programs, intensity, time, and frequency, as well as point out precautions during exercise to achieve scientific and planned fitness goals.

Improving entertainment options during exercise has also become a focus in smart sports, with various forms of interaction and social methods introduced into exercise through smart devices. With the help of smart technology, mass fitness will become more scientific, effective, and interesting.

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