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Ultra-secure quantum network launched in Bristol, UK

wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2020-11-05

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Dr. Joshua W Silverstone, a physicist at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, and his team have recently successfully established a city-wide ultra-secure quantum network in Bristol.

The network can connect more than eight users within 17 kilometers of the city and it can guarantee the security of the quantum internet by promoting the application of quantum cryptography between multiple users.

The experiment is regarded as another milestone in the construction of the full quantum internet.

Silverstone and his team used a new QKD protocol to build a different network by sharing entangled particles between any two nodes. In this protocol, they use multiple pairs of entangled photons to establish a private key.

The research results have a profound impact on the application and development of quantum networks, as the establishment of a central source makes it easier to add new user nodes, truly realizing the unbreakable and "super-secure" nature of quantum passwords between users.

While the future applications of quantum networks are worth looking forward to, researchers need to further solve two key problems. First, the quantum network must communicate with any large number of users. Second, the quantum network must be able to increase the quantum state through quantum repeaters or use satellites to launch qubits or entangled particles to nodes on the ground to achieve large-scale coverage within and between continents.

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