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  • Press conference held for the Fourth World Internet Conference 2017-11-16

    A press conference on the Fourth World Internet Conference was held by the State Council Information Office on Nov 16 in Beijing.

  • Cutting-edge technologies revealed at WIC2017-05-27

    Altogether 15 emerging technologies with the potential to fundamentally change our lives were presented during the WIC, including driver assistance, artificial intelligence, chips and computing.

  • High-tech takes center stage in Wuzhen2016-11-19

    The Light of the Internet Expo.

  • China's Quora puts price on knowledge2016-11-19

    Zhihu, China's equivalent of Quora, aims to enrich those who share their expertise with others through its platform, according toZhou Yuan, CEO of Zhihu, at a press conference heldfor entrepreneurs at the third World Internet Conference(WIC) held on Friday.

  • Robot attacks visitor during demonstration2016-11-19

    An attack by a robot that left a man needing stitches at a technology fair has been blamed on incorrect operation.

  • Good days ahead for online entertainment sector as income rises2016-11-19

    Internet-driven entertainment industry is about to witness a market boom, said the head of a Chinese video game and movie conglomerate.

  • Telecom giants seek leadership in 5G2016-11-19

    With the world's largest number of 4G users, China's internet operators and telecom equipment makers are scrambling to gain an edge in the global race to develop 5G, or the fifth generation mobile communication technology.

  • Attack highlights need for greater security2016-11-19

    The recent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack leveraging connected devices manufactured by Chinese manufacturers of network connected video surveillance cameras has triggered massive market attention in recent weeks.

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