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  • Huge 5G rollout to see Chinese telecoms take center stage2017-12-04

    Chinese companies are scrambling to gain a lead in the race to commercialize 5G-or the next-generation mobile communication technology-as the country evolves from being a follower into a pioneering player in the global telecoms arena.

  • IoT to upgrade manufacturing2017-12-04

    China is catching up fast with advanced economies in adopting and fostering the internet of things or IoT to make manufacturing more efficient and competitive, said the head of China operations of a global consulting firm.

  • Cooperation needed to curb game addiction2017-12-04

    Systems designed to curb Chinese young people's obsession with online gaming require consensus between children and their parents to be effective, experts and tech engineers said.

  • Joint response for kids' protection2017-12-04

    The internet has brought great benefits to young people, particularly those who are marginalized or live in remote communities. Yet it also presents serious risks to child safety, according to a top international expert.

  • Chinese firms harness technology for empowerment2017-12-03

    China's shift from creating so-called technology clones to a genuine innovation powerhouse is no longer an aspiration, but a fact.

  • Investment, financing increases as China's internet economy prospers2017-11-24

    ​China's internet economy saw increased investment and financing in the second quarter of 2017, according to the latest research report.

  • Internet-based economy boosts China's GDP, creates jobs2017-11-24

    Internet-enabled digital economy accounted for 30.6 percent of China's GDP in 2016, according to the China Internet Plus and Digital Economy Index published in April.

  • Wuzhen summit speaks for the developing nations2015-12-18

    [Photo by Zhu Xingxin/China Daily]How important Internet is becoming for China and the world can be gauged from the 2015 World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang.

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