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  • China, world should work together to improve cyberspace governance: Wang Xiujun2015-12-18

    ​To improve the cyberspace governance, China and the world should rely on each other. China has actively participated in international cyberspace governance and is building an international exchange platform.

  • Internet management welcomes diverse views: official2015-12-18

    Participation of diverse groups is encouraged in order to form the Internet governance system with the assistance of government regulation and multilateral coordination, a senior official said on Friday.

  • Soaring into the Internet ecosystem era 2015-12-18

    Beijing and its surrounding areas have recently been covered in immense smog.

  • Steeling companies' weakest cyberlinks 2015-12-18

    People are the weakest link in cybersecurity. The largest security gaps in many organizations are in management and culture, which are products of human communication, not technology.

  • What they say on Xi's proposals 2015-12-18

    ​President Xi Jinping made five proposals at the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference, including accelerating the construction of global network infrastructure, building up online platforms for cultural exchange.

  • Tech innovation to help narrow information gap 2015-12-18

    The forum brought together business leaders and Internet industry officials to share views on a series of topics including the entrepreneurial spirit, technological innovation, the sustainable development of the capital market, the social economy and the enterprises.

  • Web heavyweights set aside differences 2015-12-18

    Chinese Internet tycoons, known for years of throat-cutting fights for business, reached a rare consensus on Thursday that the heating competition in the market is largely healthy.

  • Experts consider the future of cyberspace:Li Yuxiao2015-12-18

    The World Internet Conference in the river town of Wuzhen in East China's Zhejiang province has aroused public interest about the status of the country's Internet development.

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