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Exclusive: Welcome to Wuzhen! – A trailer tailor-made for the 1st World Internet Conference


Wuzhen, a picturesque riverine town south of the Yangtze River

Wuzhen, ancient and beautiful, is a typical riverine town south of the Yangtze River. It is located in the "Golden Triangle" of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang with an area of 67.22 square kilometers and a population of 57,000. The town offers convenient transportation and rich tourist resources.

Rewarded as one of the first batch of Chinese Historic and Cultural Towns, the Top-10 Charming Chinese Towns, Chinese Towns and Townships with Beautiful Environment, and a 5A National Tourist Attraction, Wuzhen has been reputed as "the last riverine town in China" with a civilization history of 7000 years ago and 1300 years of town history.

Wuzhen enjoys a long history, numerous famous people, profound culture and colorful folk customs. The ancient Grand Canal bypasses the town and the crossing rivers divide the town into “eastern, southern, western and northern” four blocks. Currently, a large number of folk houses with unique style of water towns in the South of Yangtze River during Ming and Qing Dynasties are still preserved within the region. There are several national and city (county)-level key cultural relic protection units.