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Wuzhen will host grand Internet gala conference

Updated: 2015-11-10

Preparations for the 2nd World Internet Conference (WIC), Dec 16-18, in Zhejiang’s Wuzhen, are  sprinting to the finish line. As this year’s conference is higher than the first one in level, greater in scale, wider in coverage and more international, improvements have been made and higher requirements have been set for conference security.

Dramatic changes in Wuzhen’s environment

Wuzhen will welcome guests with a completely new look. Attractions are everywhere, both inside and outside the scenery spots of the city. Owing to the channel improvement, visitors will be treated to fresh greening on both sides of roads, excellent environments in both old and new residential districts, and clean water and beautiful banks.

Along the city’s Ziye Road, people will find newly built public bicycle loan points, with convenient payment by code scanning through WeChat and Alipay. 

To relieve the pressure on transport, another five parking lots and over 2,000 parking spaces were added to the city this year.

Wuzhen is also sparing no efforts in environmental improvement, ranging from transportation planning, road repair and house front decoration to waterway dredging. With 117 projects as key regulation points, Wuzhen has been working on rebuilding the “golden channel”, improving the water quality, dismantling illegal buildings and optimizing the transportation system. To date, all of the regulation work has been basically finished.

As for the “Light of Internet” Expo, one highlight of the WIC, the exhibition pavilions have been completed, and the arrangement of the exhibits has been started. The exhibition venue, with a floor area of 35,000 sq m, consists of the main exhibit area, a sub-forum area, an entrepreneurial and innovative activities area, a new technology and new products launching area and an auxiliary functional area.

The broadcast cables to both the major and sub conference halls have been installed, the construction of double circuits in scenic spots has been completed and put into operation, and the building of the WIC’s conference hall is speeding up. Wuzhen is striving to present its best image and give the world a grand first-class conference in line with international standards.

Remarkable increasing in WiFi speed

To resolve the interference of different WiFi signals, this year Wuzhen has integrated operator resources and included the wireless services of businesses and hotels in the “i-zhejiang” platform.

“Last year, there were over 1,600 point positions covered by WiFi. This year another 1000 point positions will be included. The WiFi signal will be found in both the main and branch conference halls, and even in restrooms,” said Zhu Guoqiang, a member of this year’s information and technology security team.

To help overseas guests and visitors access WiFi, a new platform is being built through which foreign mobile phone users may use valid certificates to obtain accounts and passwords to access  the Internet.

This year another 388 base stations and another 2,158 AP are being built in Tongxiang and all public places have been covered with WiFi, with access speed in major conference venues exceeding 20M. Another WDM (20×10G) has been installed in the Xi Gate scenic spot and the total exit bandwidth of broad band at Wuzhen now reaches 220G, 11 times that of last year. In Wuzhen, the number of 10 GB optical cables increased from 4 to 30 and that of 1 GB optical cables from 6 to 21, which can provide Gigabit to desktop at important nodes like major conference halls and news centers and provide megabit to desktop at branch conference halls and offices.

Thousands of volunteers provide services to the conference

This year, 11 categories have been determined for the recruitment of volunteers, including ritual service, security, hotel guide, and road guide and instructions. The number of volunteers dramatically exceeds that of last year.

The volunteer service department, led by the Zhejiang Communist Youth League, has been set up. After preliminary selection, 2,000 volunteers will be given a professional interview. Nearly one thousand volunteers, capable in ten major languages, will be selected from them.

“This year the outfit of volunteers is being redesigned, focusing on youth and energy through heritage and innovation, and also integrating Chinese characteristics with the Internet,” said Shen Xiaoyan, the executive team leader of the volunteer service team.

This year a volunteer commanding information system will be used for the first time. This intelligent terminal can help each volunteer determine his position and improve work efficiency. 

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