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Xi's speech inspirational: Sun Taoran


Sun Taoran, president of offline payment solution Lakala, said on Wednesday he was impressed by President Xi Jinping's speech at the World Internet Conference.

Q: What do you think of President Xi's speech?

A: I was impressed by two parts of the speech. One was about his comments on Internet security. I think security is particularly important in online finance. There has to be a balance. When we try something new, there also needs to be risk management. The second part was about connectivity of Internet. Internet is supposed to connect people for the common good. It's the people who should be benefit from the Internet age.

Q: Do you see any guidance from President Xi's speech?

A: It was definitely an inspirational speech. It means a lot to the dotcom industry for three reason. First, at the age when IT industry changes everything, new tech makes it possible for online financing to do what traditional financing cannot do. Moreover, information technology only makes sense in China when 1.3 billion Chinese people can benefit from it. Online financing is helping with it, using technology for bigger good. Third, the Internet Plus initiative will make online financing industry's development is truly customer-friendly.