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Xi visits the Light of the Internet Expo, talks with entrepreneurs

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2015-12-17

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Light of the Internet Expo and talked with the entrepreneurs of the Chinese cutting-edge Internet companies on Wednesday, the first day of the second World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province.


Jack Ma, Alibaba Group executive chairman, explained to President Xi Jinping the current situation of Alibaba and his future plans. [Photo/CCTV2 WeChat account]

To date, the 8.5 million dynamic sellers have provided services for 386 million customers worldwide and created 10 million direct and 3.52 million indirect jobs, according to Ma. The transaction volume of Alibaba is expected to break 3 trillion yuan per year at the beginning of the next year, surpassing that of Wal-Mart.


In the future, Alibaba will promote e-commerce development at the countryside, to eliminate poverty and enhance reform in these regions. It intends to establish the E-WTO rules, with goods reaching the world within 72 hours and contributing to the real economy. 


Pony Ma, founder and CEO of Tencent, introduced WeChat data, information security and city services to President Xi Jinping. [Photo/CCTV2 WeChat account]

Pony Ma demonstrated how an appointment is made through “City Services” on a mobile phone. When he showed the “Shake it off” function, President Xi asked, “How much lucky money did you make during the Spring Festival?”


Li Yanhong, chairman and CEO of Baidu, illustrated the technical reserve, road test and industrial breaks of the Baidu self-driven. [Photo/CCTV2 WeChat account]

Earlier this month, Baidu’s self-driven completed fully automatic operation on city roads, circular roads and express highways. A new department of the company was then established. It aims to put self-driven into commercial use in three years, and achieve volume production in five years.

Li also introduced the Baidu Translation, which have covered the 14 languages, 33 countries and regions along the Belt and Road strategy. 


Zhou Hongyi, chairman of major IT company Qihoo 360, displayed the “Inner Eye” and the “Skynet” to the President. [Photo/CCTV2 WeChat account]

The “Inner Eye” system, which serves as a radar in the cyber space, can seize the large-scale hack attack all over the world.


Through big data analysis, the “Inner Eye” can identify some high level hackers.

Compared with the “Inner Eye”, the “Skynet” system has the defense function, which will trace the source of the hackers.


Cheng Wei, chief executive officer of Didi   Kuaidi,China's largest car-on-demand service provider, briefed President Xi on the globalization progress and plan of the company. [Photo/CCTV2 WeChat account] 

In the past three years, the company invested in American’s second-largest company, and the No 1 mobile travel company in India and the Southeast Asia. 


Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi Corp, introduced the mobile phone and TV of the company, he also invited the President to experience the No 9 self-balancing short walking robot. [Photo/CCTV2 WeChat account] 


Designed by Xiaomi and Ninebot, the short walking robot is highly cost-effective and especially suitable for the young. 

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