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China Daily Updated: 2015-12-17

Jack Ma, Alibaba chairman:

"President Xi Jinping's five propositions about establishing a common-destiny community of cyberspace comprehensively elaborated the development and governance of Internet for the first time. It is a concern to all human beings and also what we are concerned about. I think Internet enterprises should have more courage and continue to innovate. These principles such as sharing, openness, harmony and transparency, as the key of governance, will have a great influence on the global Internet in the future, which is not only the responsibility of government, but also the duty of everyone."

Xu Jinghong, president of Tsinghua Holdings:

"President Xi's speech shows that the government is paying great attention to the integrated circuit industry. Technically, whether in the field of cyberspace infrastructure or the establishment of different online platforms, the core and the most fundamental component is the integrated circuit. Based on the development of the integrated circuit sector, we are able to make a clean and safe cyberworld and to increase our capability in spectrum calculation."

He Zheng, chairman of AsiaInfo's security department:

"The Internet has made the world smaller thanks to its role as a dialogue platform for governance, utilization and benefits. One of the key words in Xi's speech is 'share', which reflects China's open and cooperative attitude and direction. In a cyberspace where what we know is far less than what we don't, nobody can be completely self-dependent. With technical innovation and cooperation, we can open up new horizons, explore new potential, promote economic development and strengthen our ties as a community with a shared future."

Cheng Wei, chief executive officer of Didi Kuaidi, China's largest car-on-demand service provider:

 "I'm so excited to hear that President Xi said the sharing economy (Internet peer-to-peer platforms) and Internet-enabled innovation will be highly supported and promoted. Didi is a typical example of how the sharing economy can thrive in China. Our company has grown into the largest mobile-based transportation platform in the world, with an estimated value of 100 billion yuan ($15.45 billion)."

Andrew To'imoana, director of Information Department, Ministry of MEIDECC, Tonga:

 "Before the speech, we wanted to know more about how China deals with the governance of cyberspace and cybercrime. The most interesting part was how he said that by 2020, China will be connecting online the last mile with the whole of the country. If that's going to happen, it will be a very unique thing for China to accomplish. It's very unique for the conference to be held here in Wuzhen. You talk about the technology and advancing stuff, while you see a traditional way of living. But I think it also implies how we bridge the gap between traditional ways of doing things and the ways we are heading toward."

Kamel Mellahi, professor of strategic management at Warwick Business School:

"The Internet is one of the key infrastructures of the global economy. It accounts for a big portion of economic growth in mature economies. President Xi Jinping's keynote speech today underscores the important role the Internet is going to play in the future Chinese economy, and gives hints on how China is planning to unleash the potential of the Internet."

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