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Experts consider the future of cyberspace:Ning Jiajun

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2015-12-18

Editor's Note: The World Internet Conference in the river town of Wuzhen in East China's Zhejiang province has aroused public interest about the status of the country's Internet development. Cyberspace management, Internet innovation and development were hot topics during the conference. China Daily invited five renowned Internet experts to share their views about the future. Cao Yin and Su Zhou report. 

Q1:What is the top priority, or most urgent problem, facing those managing the Internet in China?

Q2:Do you have any solutions to the problem?

Q3:How should China react when Western countries blame it for major cyberattacks?

Q4:Could you provide a blueprint for the development of Chinese cyberspace over the next five years?


Ning Jiajun

Director of the Experts Committee at the State Information Center

A1: The urgency is to accelerate legislation on cybersecurity, while boosting coordination among Internet-related departments. The two issues have been discussed in the industry for a long time, but they have not been resolved. Finding solutions to the two problems will bring faster Internet development. If one of them is not adequately settled, the overall result will not be good.

A2: To resolve the problems, we should innovate our cyberspace governance. Take e-commerce as an example. The field demands that many departments participate and shoulder responsibility, including industry, commercial authorities and cyberspace administrations. Sometimes, the departments are not well coordinated in policy enforcement. It's necessary to create a special team that includes officials from these authorities, avoiding unnecessary trouble caused by insufficient communication and a lack of coordination.

A3: We don't support any illegal behavior on the Internet. Our attitude is not to attack others. It is more important to improve ourselves, such as speeding up the legislation on cybersecurity and ruling on online copyrights. Every country will develop well if they abide by the governing rules of cyberspace. In addition, the Internet industry also should be regulated and have its own rules.

A4: I am optimistic about our Internet development and believe it will become more prosperous. Since we have about 900 million netizens, the largest number for any one country, our Internet future needs more innovation. It's good to see our central leadership focusing on the Internet and its protection. Policies aiming to encourage Internet enterprises will also contribute to the industry's development.

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