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What they say on Xi's proposals

chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2015-12-18

President Xi Jinping made five proposals at the opening ceremony of the Second World Internet Conference, including accelerating the construction of global network infrastructure, building up online platforms for cultural exchange, and promoting the innovative development of Internet companies.  

"What impressed me most is that President Xi set the stage to promote the development of the Internet in China. He really emphasized cross-border collaboration while at the same time respecting local cultures and differences. We want to better serve the public sector and government, as well as ordinary citizens in China."


Wing Kin Cheung, global vice-president of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

"President Xi's speech was quite inspiring. First of all, he talked about cyber collaboration, coordination, unity and cyber security. Maldives and China can work closely on these aspects. Also, I think every country is unique and different in its own way. So it is natural for every country to have some reservations. But still, we have to come to a consensus for global development. This is the most important way for global integration. Besides, I think the Silk Road initiative can provide the largest potential for China-Maldives collaboration. It offers a platform to share resources."


Mohamed Ashmalee, State Minister of Finance and Treasury of Maldives

"President Xi's speech at the World Internet Conference reaffirmed China's priorities for the transition to the second speed framework of economic growth and the embracing of modern technologies as a driver for the future economic growth of China. The internet and ICT will play a major role in transitioning the old and traditional economy in China into a modern base of growth.

The World Internet Conference is important in its objective to bring the themes for regulation of the Internet and the application of ICTs in contemporary markets and sectors. As such, the conference represents a forum where Chinese policymakers could gauge the requirements for transnational regulation and control of the Internet, and all aspects arising from the respective application of ICTs into individual sectors.

The World Internet Conference is also important for being the platform to establish common themes emanating from the Internet such as data protection, encryption and data ownership, social media, freedom of information, communications surveillance, national security and combating crime, cyber crime and terrorism."


Christopher Bovis, professor of European and International Business Law at University of Hull Business School in the United Kingdom

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