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Wuzhen Summit

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Watertown Wuzhen under painters' brush


The ancient town Wuzhen will host the third World Internet Conference from November 16-18, as a way to embrace the modern world. Wuzhen, a water town in South China's Zhejiang province, always attracts numerous visitors to its picturesque scenery and profound history and culture. Here, let's take a look at Wuzhen from painters' perspectives.

Wuzhen, 2013, by Jiang Liyu [Photo/]

Spring in Wuzhen, by Zhang Zhumin [Photo/]

Households in Wuzhen, by Zhang Zhumin [Photo/]

Watertown Wuzhen, by Sun Zhaolu [Photo/]

Setting Sun in Wuzhen, by Fang Xiang, 2011 [Photo/]

Wuzhen at Dusk, by Shen Leizhen [Photo/]

Watertown Wuzhen, by Ma Tong, 2009 [Photo/]

The Scenery of Wuzhen, by Zhang Dengtang [Photo/]

Wuzhen, by Diao Qingchun [Photo/]

Wuzhen in the Rain, by Xu Xi, 2005 [Photo/]


Wuzhen, by He Jialin [Photo/]