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2019-10-21Source: China Daily   

President Xi Jinping's congratulatory message pointed out that the internet is gaining development momentum and broader development space. This resonated with us. Against this backdrop, Tencent initiated a new round of strategic upgrades last year, aiming not just to put down roots in the consumer internet, but to embrace the industrial internet as well. 

The congratulatory message also called on countries to build a community of a shared future in cyberspace, which means every participant in the internet industry is responsible for making their own contribution. Aware of the duty, Tencent has opened its sources and abilities to the rest of the internet community in recent years, helping different industries integrate with the internet. With the penetration of 5G, artificial intelligence and other technologies, we hope partners from different sectors can jointly build a healthy global digital ecosystem of common prosperity.

Ren Yuxin, chief operating officer of Tencent

The cooperation in cyberspace and mobile technology between China and the rest of world has developed at break-neck speed. Today's conference in Wuzhen highlighted the remarkable achievements made.

Currently, the world faces a lot of economic uncertainty, so this cooperation must continue if we are to face the world's greatest challenges together.

To progress further in this mutual endeavor, I believe continued promotion of crossborder trade and investment is essential. This can be achieved by allocating more resources into building a stronger ecosystem that fosters more cultural exchanges, joint research and collaborative development. This will help ensure greater access to commercial opportunities for innovators. Ultimately this requires more trust and open communication, which events like this do a fantastic job of providing.

Realizing this ideal is something I am highly passionate about and have devoted my career to. After hearing President Xi's excellent letter this morning, I have greater confidence that we can all collaborate to create a more harmonious and prosperous global society.

Benjamin Speyer, chairman of Serica Group and president of the Hangzhou International Entrepreneur Association

President Xi has emphasized that China's internet development now has a stronger impetus, which inspires a string of companies including Lenovo. The accelerated industrial growth will bring both opportunities and responsibilities.

We realize that to achieve higher-quality growth, in addition to driving internet industries, companies should enable more traditional sectors, including finance, medical services, energy and manufacturing, through intelligent means.

For years, Lenovo has leveraged technological advantages and experience to help enterprises in sectors such as automobiles, petrochemicals and energy to boost their efficiency.

Looking to the future, we will work with the country to speed up technological innovation and breakthroughs and contribute to the intelligent upgrading of industries.

Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo

Xi's congratulatory letter during this year's World Internet Conference was encouraging for the audience to follow up on his thoughts on the internet from the speech he gave in 2015. It showed his continuous support for the event. China, including not only the organizer of the meeting but the government, is committed to the topic of "Building a Community with a Shared Future in Cyberspace". Currently, I think the major risk or challenge we should combat together in cyberspace is lack of trust in cybersecurity and lack of cooperation. More international dialogues are needed.

Walter Fumy, chief scientist of Bundesdruckerei

President Xi Jinping said in a congratulatory letter to the sixth World Internet

Conference that countries should follow the trend of the times, shoulder the responsibility for development, meet the challenges and risks, jointly promote global governance in cyberspace and strive to build a community of a shared future in cyberspace.

We have been a practitioner of such ideas. We not only focus on building smart security — a comprehensive system using artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing to offer highend services and defend against cyber attacks — but also invest in and incubate small companies, and are helping build a community with a shared future in cybersecurity.

The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation has pushed the internet to a broader space. Nowadays, the internet has been applied to various industries, and even society. The more new technologies we use, the more cyber attacks we might face and this has brought about a sudden change to the cybersecurity situation. We need to work together to build a community of a shared future in cyberspace.

Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of the 360 Security Technology

The vision of China expressed by President Xi Jinping in terms of the internet is accurate. We're at the 25th anniversary of China's access to the internet and the progress that China has made is absolutely fabulous.

It's impressive because I can see that China has caught up with the world's latest trends in the cyberspace community. China is now at the forefront of the technological evolution. I think there are two reasons: First, China is very skilled in forging cooperation and collaboration with well-established companies. Second, what has impressed me is China’s sense of technological innovation. I think this is what China has done. The country took both opportunities and risks and it created something good. We should all congratulate China for this.

Pierre Viaud, manager director at Pierre Viaud Consulting