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WIC's global internet competition semi-finals start next week

By Wei Qiulin wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2020-10-16


Overseas participants introduce their projects through video conferences. [Photo/WeChat account: wicnews]

The semi-finals of the "Straight to Wuzhen" Global Internet Competition 2020 will be held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province on Oct 21, with 27 global elite projects in digital economy competing for 10 spots in the finals.

This year's event launched a new competition system and was divided into four stages: online preliminaries, regional quarterfinals, semi-finals, and finals. It has attracted more than 1,000 projects from 15 countries and regions in the fields of digital economy, including consumer internet, industrial internet, government public service internet, key technical services, electronics products, as well as entertainment internet. More than 800 projects were selected to participate in the competition.

Since May, one themed competition, five domestic regional quarterfinals, as well as three overseas regional quarterfinals have been organized and planned. Among them, the special contest with the theme of "digital anti-epidemic and precise policy implementation" selected three projects for the semi-finals, domestic regional quarterfinals held in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, and Xi'an selected 15 projects to the semi-finals, while North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific selected nine projects for the overseas semi-finals through online remote live streaming.

The special "digital anti-epidemic" themed competition aims to gather high-quality projects that have made outstanding contributions to digital anti-COVID-19 epidemic efforts, such as smart medical care, digital governance, and online services. It also aims to build application scenarios and policy environments, cultivate new digital anti-epidemic business formats, as well as promote stable economic growth.

The semi-finals will be carried out both online and offline, with simultaneous live streaming. The themed competition and domestic semi-finals will take place in Jiaxing, while the overseas semi-finals will be held through an online roadshow.

A total of 27 projects were successfully entered into the semi-finals, covering multiple fields and key technologies like smart healthcare, consumer internet, industrial internet, public service internet and artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as big data.

A strong lineup of judges from industry investment institutions, universities, and research institutes will also be set up to provide professional guidance for the shortlisted projects. 

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