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New Year Message from Lacina Koné, Director General of Smart Africa

wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-02-16


Greetings Friends and Colleagues,

Firstly, allow me to wish you a Happy New Year. May the Year of the Ox bring you happiness, peace and prosperity.

Symbolically, the ox denotes hard work, resilience, positivity and honesty, and this represents our hopes and wishes for the coming year - especially following a difficult and tumultuous year. 

The complexities of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic made the year very difficult for families, businesses and economies. For many people it was a time of loss and a time to restructure our priorities. 

Within the crisis, there also lay opportunities for digital transformation and for the advancement of technology in Africa and the world. The year saw a greater uptake of digital health, digital economies and digital education in response to lockdowns and as part of attempts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

To meet the demand, governments and private sector players came together to build more resilient broadband infrastructure and to deliver better connectivity in the "last mile".

It is against this backdrop that we look forward to a year of sustainable growth in technology which will build more resilient communities. We look forward to positive growth for businesses and for you all. 

I also look forward to greater cooperation between China and Africa especially in the technological sphere. We, as Smart Africa, are prepared to be at the centre of this cooperation.

Once again, I wish you happiness, peace and prosperity for the year ahead.

Lacina Koné

Director General of Smart Africa

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