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Collection: Volumetric video tech-platform, projecting from physical world to Metaverse

By Mantis Vision China wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-10

With the development of AR/VR-related technologies in recent years, the idea of Metaverse, which originated from science fiction, is becoming something people could experience and participate in the near future: people in the physical world while countless digital worlds are being generated and inter-connected. Most importantly, they will be the next-level immersive experience people have been waiting for decades. Anyone can create or contribute to various digital realities serving the purposes of virtual entertainment, socializing, research, or business.

Based on the innovation in 3D optics and computer vision algorithm, the project generates high-quality holographic captures (volumetric video) that uniquely satisfy clients' recording and live broadcast needs. The project provides a fast and easy way to digitalize or teleport anyone into a virtual space or any Metaverse. It improves existing applications such as AR/VR or 3D data-based AI, due to its simplicity, openness, and highly immersive experience and emerges as one of the core technology platforms for realizing the Metaverse.


Mantis Vision China specializes in 3D optic designs and owns IPs of a full software stack of 3D imaging algorithms, including highly efficient decoding, multi-camera registration, intelligent mesh and rendering, etc. AI algorithms solve quality degradation due to loss of the depth information caused by projector occlusion and release new functionalities like automatic camera alignment and intelligent calibration, which greatly reduce the complexity and cost of customer maintenance.

AI is helpful to generate high-quality volumetric content and is the key to building up intelligent VR/AR applications and volumetric content platforms. Compared with the traditional ways of using 2D cameras to generate volumetric content, Mantis Vision's multi-3D camera volumetric technology brings more unbiased information and, hence, is more efficient for AI training.


The volumetric studio usually takes 30-50 cameras that generate a huge amount of data at a high frame rate. Meanwhile, all data enter the software pipelines and go through series of processing and optimization until the merged content goes live. Therefore, software performance and algorithm efficiency are critical, and it is almost impossible for real-time streaming unless there is a highly efficient compression method. Mantis Vision has developed the world's leading real-time volumetric compression algorithm, which can make a balance between high compression rate, real-time performance, and minimum quality loss. Furthermore, with 4G bandwidth, the high-quality volumetric content could be real-time streaming with low latency, almost the same as 2D content streaming.


Mantis Vision also developed several technical breakthroughs and created a world-leading volumetric platform. As Mantis Vision pushes forward with more unique functions and features, they co-innovate and cooperate with some world’s leading companies from different industries, such as Warner Bros., NTT Docomo, AT&T, and the NBA Arizona State University, high-tech and internet companies.


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