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Collection: Origin Pilot, a quantum operating system

By Hefei Origin Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd. wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-12

The Origin Pilot is a quantum operating system oriented to an urgent requirement for further application of quantum computing. It provides such services as quantum task scheduling, quantum resource management, quantum program compilation, and automatic calibration of quantum bit, and manages quantum computing resources in an efficient and unified manner. By comparing before and after using the Origin Pilot, the fidelity rate increased by at least 10% (in the experiment of four typical quantum circuits (QFT, GHZ, DJ, BV). Compared with the mapping effect of the BMT algorithm, the operating efficiency increased by at least 120% with Origin Pilot. In sum, Origin Pilot cooperates with quantum processing units (QPU), classical computers, and other computing resources, which provides effective resource management for quantum computing.


The workflow of Origin Pilot is shown as follows.

1. Users can write hybrid programs with QRunes. The QRunes compiler can identify the quantum part and classic part with lexical, grammar, and semantic analysis. Then the hybrid quantum program can be transpired to a quantum application which can be executed on the server-side of Origin Pilot. If a hybrid program wants to use the high-performance computing clusters, users can also program with distributed computing frameworks for the classic part.

2. When Origin Pilot receives a hybrid quantum application, the classic part can be executed on the controlling server. Suppose the hybrid program is written in distributed computing programming languages. In that case, the Origin Pilot will send classic computing tasks to high-performance computing clusters with a classic job scheduling system.


3. The quantum computing part will be sent to the quantum task scheduling service. The quantum task scheduling service will sort the quantum tasks based on their priority and choose a quantum task with the highest priority when its resource requirement can be met. Then the quantum circuit will be compiled to the topology of the target quantum processor. Then the compiled code will be sent to the quantum computer. Before execution, a quantum transaction will be bound with a quantum thread which will record the quantum transaction's ID, the target quantum processor's ID, the tasks' ID, etc. After computing, we can identify the corresponding result for a quantum task and return it to the users' program. Then the occupied qubits will be released.

When executing quantum tasks, Origin Pilot can also calibrate the performance of quantum resources. When the performance of qubits deteriorates, the automatic calibration service will set the qubits to be under calibration and notify the quantum task scheduling service to calibrate their states. Origin Pilot will assign the highest priority to the calibration task and combine them with other quantum computing tasks as a quantum transaction which will be sent to the quantum devices.


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