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Collection: Operating system for the AI era router

By Fourth Paradigm (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-12

Sage AIOS is a corporate AI operating system independently developed by Fourth Paradigm with "low threshold, high efficiency, and continuous optimization". It provides services such as computing power, data, algorithm, and application integration for AI application, and comprehensively empowers all kinds of personnel to complete AI development and application. In the era of big data, in scenarios with more than one million feature dimensions, the computing efficiency of various AI algorithm trainings thereof can reach more than 100 times that of spark, the mainstream open-source framework. It can make up for the talent gap of 100,000 in the next few years with automatic modeling, help enterprises achieve more than ten times exponential growth of their strategic businesses, and obtain the assistance of the world's top scientists at less than 1 percent cost.

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In terms of computing power, with the explosive growth of data and the increasingly complex models, AI's demand for computing power has increased exponentially. In addition, AI computing is diversified, no matter in deployment mode, data type, or algorithm type. Therefore, facing the diversity of AI computing, a special chip with higher computing efficiency is needed. Sage AIOS supports unified scheduling, management, and allocation of various advanced heterogeneous computing resources such as CPU, GPU, FPGA, and ASIC. It can provide strong computing power support for AI model training and reasoning in different scenarios. It is compatible with various domestic heterogeneous computing units, such as Huawei Shengteng NPU and Cambrian NPU. It provides customers with large-scale, distributed, easy-to-use, secure, and sustainable computing services. Based on Fourth Paradigm's self-developed container freezing and migration technology, computing power scheduling can be done dynamically according to tasks and resources and support GPU virtualization technology to improve computing resource utilization further.

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In terms of data, sage AIOS is based on reducing the threshold of data use. With an innovative data concept - data form, it is equivalent to defining the "file format" (PPT, PDF, JPG, etc.) of the AI version of windows; It can automatically convert corporate data into standard data conforming to corresponding scenarios according to their AI-enabled businesses and scenarios. For image, sound, text, video, and other data formats, it provides common data processing capabilities such as intelligent annotation, data cleaning, data enhancement, and data inspection, supports data import and export, and easily applies data in model development and training. It has passed the EU GDPR certification and integrated many industry-leading data protection algorithms such as sorting privacy, federal migration learning, and automatic multi-party machine learning to protect privacy, which not only ensures the data security and reliability in enterprise AI applications but also improves the data governance ability and availability of enterprise AI platform.

In terms of machine learning application, sage AIOs take automatic machine learning technology as the core, supports the automatic algorithm of perception, cognition and decision-making stack, significantly improves the overall decision-making level of enterprises and reduces the threshold of AI application. In many scenarios, Fourth Paradigm greatly applies automatic deep learning technology to optimize domestic and foreign manufacturers' existing records. Compared with Google products, the error rate of image classification is reduced by 33 percent, from 8.9 percent to 6 percent; Compared with Baidu deep learning products, the error rate of image detection is reduced by 53 percent, from 40.4 percent to 28 percent; Compared with Google products, the error rate of text classification is reduced by 34 percent, from 9 percent to 6 percent; It is the first time to realize the automation of speech classification task and fully integrate each segmentation scene of speech classification for the first time.


In addition, in the construction of an industrial ecological platform, sage AIOs also define AI application software integration standards, which can quickly develop and integrate AI applications. Ecological construction is the key to the deep integration of AI technology and industrial application. AI technology also faces many challenges in the application process of enabling industries, such as the long supply chain of AI technology application, high technical threshold, complex and diversified scenarios, and service needs, etc. The fundamental to solve these problems is to establish an AI industry ecological platform, let various applications grow on the ecological platform, fully share the AI infrastructure capacity of the platform, reduce the application threshold and realize business closed-loop. Following the AI application software integration standard of sage AIOs, the third-party ecological app can be easily integrated into sage AIOs, enjoy its computing power, data, algorithms, and other enterprise AI services, build an AI industry ecological platform, help customers quickly build AI applications and solve various business intelligence problems end-to-end.

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