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Collection:Spatio-temporal information service based on 5G+BeiDou

By China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-17

Spatio-temporal information service based on 5G+Beidou is China Mobile's in-depth deployment of the two core capabilities of Beidou high-precision positioning and Beidou short message by leveraging the advantages of the 5G network. Through cloud (space-time information service cloud platform) network (Beidou ground-based enhanced network, Beidou three-generation satellite network), to create a space-time information infrastructure that integrates the world and the earth, which is used to support the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence comprehensively.


Product System:

(1) China Mobile independently developed and built the world's largest 5G+ Beidou high-precision positioning system, based on a 5G+Beidou ground-based enhanced network. A high-precision positioning service platform is developed to provide three major services: dynamic sub-meter, dynamic centimeter, and static millimeter-level services. The service scope has covered the whole of China, and the system has four major advantages: high-density coverage of base stations, user information security, carrier-grade operation and maintenance guarantee, and rich business models. Indexes such as positioning accuracy, data availability, and differential age have reached industry-leading levels. As of July 2021, the total number of service uses has reached 9 billion times.

(2) China Mobile and its partners have jointly built the BDS3 short message civilian service system, which is the first time in the world to open up the intercommunication between the Beidou short message system and the mobile communication system and build a satellite-based Internet of Things base and emergency communication service system. At the same time, we work with popular mobile phone manufacturers to overcome the critical bottlenecks of traditional professional terminals such as strong volume constraints and high-power consumption requirements and realize that mobile phones can enjoy Beidou short messages and mobile communication at the same time without changing the SIM card or phone number or adding additional equipment. The first batch of mobile phone products that support Beidou short message communication will be launched at the end of this year.


Technological innovation points:

(1) Giving full play to the advantages of 5G, continue to build integrated high-precision PNTC (positioning, navigation, timing, communication) capabilities, create a precise spatio-temporal system that integrates communication and navigation, to provide various customers with multi-source and reliable spatio-temporal services. Promote upgrading the high-precision positioning service platform to the spatio-temporal information infrastructure platform and realize the cloud-network collaboration and intelligent digital management of spatio-temporal information. The self-developed high-precision positioning service platform can provide dynamic centimeter-level (horizontal ≤5cm, vertical ≤8cm), dynamic sub-meter-level (horizontal ≤0.8m, vertical ≤1.2m), static millimeter-level (5-8mm) accuracy positioning service, and the unique single Beidou system operation and sub-meter RTD service meet the needs of more abundant scenes. The coordinate calculation of the entire network has been completed, and the authoritative quality inspection by the National Surveying and Mapping Product Quality Inspection and Testing Center (QICS) has been completed, which supports service empowered by 5 stars and 16 frequencies on the whole network.


(2) Relying on the advantages of the existing national sites, it has completed the construction of a 5G+ Beidou high-precision positioning network with the best location, the latest standard, and the world's most significant scale. Through multiplexing existing network transmission and bearing resources, and referring to the NFV phase I mode, quickly realize networking; complete 5G + Beidou co-site construction and signal anti-interference technology research; establish high-quality network operation system; cooperate with provincial companies of ChinaMobile to create a carrier-class SLA operation and maintenance guarantee system.


Application scenarios:

Facing TOB, TOG, and TOC, it has been implemented in more than ten provinces in China, including surveying and mapping, precision agricultural machinery, smart public transport, monitoring and testing, and smart waterways. The scale of the project has reached tens of million yuan.


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