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Collection: Winter Olympics Guarantee Brain - Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics power operation guarantee command platform

By State Grid Corporation of China wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-17

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Power Operation Guarantee Command Platform (EOC) (hereinafter referred to as the "Winter Olympic Platform") intensively integrates valuable resources such as power grid information, Winter Olympic events, venue power supply, and city operation, and uses artificial intelligence and big data technologies to meet the needs of real-time perception of the Olympic guarantee targets, bring into full play the value of power interconnection applications, and adopt pass-through command. This project supports the interconnection and interaction between Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and Electric Power and provides power supply services for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics through data sharing and platform openness. It ensures the creation of a centralized surveillance and command display platform which is "green, open, smart, shared, technological, and innovative". The project is based on the full access, full coverage, and full integration of Olympic-related data on internal and external systems, and focuses on the enabling of the three application functions of "monitoring platform, command platform, and display platform" to meet the requirements of the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Command Center and State Grid Beijing Electric Power Headquarters And four on-site sub-command headquarters and other places and departments for the requirements of the Winter Olympics-related power-saving command scenarios.


Collect data assets to ensure comprehensive coverage

The Winter Olympics platform breaks through the system data barriers such as main network dispatching, transmission control, substation control, distribution network control, marketing control, city operation data, venue data, green energy, and power guarantee command. It uses digital twins, knowledge graphs, and other technologies to realize data classification and integration of power grids, venues, events, etc., build a panoramic smart monitoring system for power operation guarantees that support the Winter Olympics events, build a panoramic model of the power grid for transmission and distribution, and realize the pass-through perception of full voltage level information of power grid users. Extend the security surveillance power to the users' "last centimeter".


Three-dimensional digital twin, Venue visual panorama

The Winter Olympics platform realizes the panoramic visualization of the venue operation status, equipment operation status, personnel, vehicles, materials, and other power-guaranteed resources, real-time monitoring, and active command, providing scientific support for the unified deployment of power-guaranteed resources and command decisions for the Winter Olympics. It can meet the power-guaranteed command requirements of panoramic state visualization and on-site pass-through command and realize dynamic management and control of the power-guaranteed command layer; it can also meet the application requirements of power grid status, smart power-guarantee, resource monitoring, and information sharing. Realize business-oriented command to the working layer. The 360-degree panoramic digital sandbox, from the city to the competition area, from the competition area to the venue, covers the six major scenarios of the strong power grid, guarantee command, event operation, city operation, low-carbon green electricity, and energy interconnection. Based on digital twins, it can enable real-time monitoring and command of on-site personnel, processes, and applications, by superimposing the corresponding elements on different layers, mapping the full data monitoring to the three-dimensional scene to complete the visual display.


Focus on monitoring elements, facilitate precise command

The Winter Olympics platform fully summarizes the company's power operation guarantee experience and combines the key work directions to develop key functions such as green power traceability, fault research and judgment, power traceability and retrospective analysis. Green power traceability, as a key function of the Winter Olympics platform, combined with blockchain technology to realize the traceability of the entire process of on-grid power, transaction power, and settlement power of the Beijing Winter Olympics green power; the fault research and judgment function realizes the power operation facilities' active early warning and step-by-step pass-through positioning after failure; power traceability is to achieve step-by-step transmission display of power in two-dimensional and three-dimensional pages for venues; retrospective analysis facilitates ex post summary of experience.

At present, the Winter Olympics platform has undergone the 2021 Winter Olympics test event support tasks in February and April, and the system application performance has been recognized by various experts.


Through the construction of the Winter Olympics command platform, real-time power-guaranteed panoramic real-time perception, intelligent association of energy information, dynamic resource control, intelligent analysis and early warning, and multi-level coordinated command to ensure power supply were realized; advanced information and communication technologies were deeply integrated. Relying on knowledge maps, etc. Artificial intelligence technology supports smart command applications; optimizes the integration of energy data for power grids, events, venues, cities, etc., deepens multi-dimensional lean management, highlights efficiency and benefit orientation, and makes every effort to ensure high-quality services; promotes the consumption of renewable energy and serves clean, low-carbon and safe services. Efficient energy reform will fully support the power guarantee for this Winter Olympics.

In the future, the platform can be used as the "Winter Olympic Legacy", connecting to the core area of the square, the Yanqi Island Conference Center and other normal political power protection locations, and can be expanded and reshaped into a unified power supply guarantee platform at the company level.

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