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Collection: Digital Twin of Industrial Internet based on global and full-scene intelligence

By Haier Digital Technology (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-17

The COSMOPlat Global Digital Twin System is based on the BaaS engine. The security system as the guarantee uses IoT data, mechanism model library, and IT database as the data and knowledge base. This technology employs a unique global real-time data center as the enterprise data aggregation management platform and uses the identification analysis platform device identification as the index. It manages equipment data orderly and reasonably and cooperates with the digital twin development platform to rapidly develop enterprise digital twins with extremely low development costs. The technology uses the digital twin platform as the carrier. It cooperates with the COSMOPlat industrial artificial intelligence platform to continuously integrate WYSIWYG industrial intelligence applications to improve enterprises' digital and intelligent levels. Finally, it provides enterprises with the digital and intelligent transformation from discrete digital twins to combined digital twins and organizational digital twins. The COSMOPlat Global Digital Twin Product Group includes IoT devices, data center, identification analysis, mechanism model, digital twin platform, and other subsystems.


In the scope of application, the COSMOPlat Global Digital Twin System relies on the large scene support technology of the COSMOPlat digital twin platform. It builds the enterprise global digital twin based on the real-time global data center station. In terms of business depth, it relies on the COSMOPlat digital twin platform to develop enterprise-wide intelligent applications. In the dimension of display, it relies on digital twin technology to meet the requirements of PC, VR/AR/XR media display at the same time. 


○ Based on the concept of digital mainline, developing the whole industrial data center station.

○Independent research and development of digital twin low-code development platform based on U3D + JSon + Lua.

○ The digital twin system is constructed by combining the mechanism model.


○ Build an identity analysis system to connect the information of the digital twin platform.

○ Build an integrated defense system in depth from application security, data security, edge security, etc.

○ Create an industrial AI intelligent diagnosis scene, and empower the digital transformation of traditional industry.


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