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DAS-Security AiLPHA Big Data Situation Awareness

wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-11-24

Name of Organization:

Dbappsecurity Co.,Ltd (DAS-Security)

Name of Countries of Regions Covered or Related in the Practice:

China,USA,Southeast Asia

With the core concept of "AI-driven Security", the DAS-Security AiLPHA Big Data Situation Awareness Solution covers technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, SOAR, UEBA, knowledge graph and cyberspace mapping; it has built a combat-oriented cyberspace situation awareness and early warning platform for regulatory-authority-level customers who can conduct unified coordination and command, and it has also established a grid-based and normalized defense-in-depth security operation system for enterprise-level customers.


City-level Integrated Prevention and Control System Diagram


Nowadays cyberspace has become the fifth largest national sovereignty space outside of land, sea, air, and sky, defending cyber security means defending national sovereignty. With the development of global informatization and network informatization, network attacks obviously increase. Cybersecurity situation awareness is the core technology and foundation for building a national cyberspace security assurance system.

Das-Security developed the AiLPHA big data situational awareness solution, emphasizing the construction of an intelligent network security situation awareness system for the vertical and horizontal connectivity from the perspective of business information system security risk analysis. Based on China, we will provide high-quality cyber security situational awareness technologies and services for global clients.

Integrate security capabilities and build a collaborative operation mechanism

Based on open functional architecture, we integrate existing security resources to the maximum extent, build an integrated security system, and develop cybersecurity ecological capabilities for regional-level customers.Build industry threat intelligence center and threat emergency response center. Make full use of and mobilize participating organizations and social technology forces, and work closely with multiple departments. Realize vertical link up with regulatory platforms at all levels, as well as horizontal link up with cyber security platforms of important industries to enhance the platform’s operational capabilities and levels.Integrate cybersecurity capabilities and use SOAR technology to realize process arrangement, automated analysis and research, disposal linkage, early warning notification, and build active defensive capabilities. In the event of a malicious attack, cybersecurity countermeasures are appropriately carried out through reliable security defense tools and effective security policies.


Key Basic Information Assurance-Cyberspace Entity Mapping

Open and compatible, and actively carry out international cooperation

Develop AiLPHA big data situation awareness platform based on big data architecture from 2017 to 2018. By studying the needs of China and the United States for cybersecurity capabilities, data capabilities, and processing capabilities of critical basic information protection, carry out research on SOAR, UEBA, threat intelligence and other technologies, and develop technical platforms.

Join or lead in building cybersecurity ecological alliances and actively launch cybersecurity capability standards from 2018 to 2019. Participate in and lead the development of industry cybersecurity standards in the communications industry and China's public security and join the cybersecurity ecological alliance led by Huawei to jointly launch cybersecurity capability access standards.

From 2019 to 2020, DAS-Security, through project operation and enterprise cooperation, has gradually carried out key basic information technology and data cooperation with Chinese enterprises and multinational enterprises (the United States), and local governments (Kazakhstan, Venezuela and Malaysia) to build their own cybersecurity situation awareness and monitoring system for multinational enterprises and an overall cybersecurity supervision system for local governments.


Big Data Situation Awareness Situation Project results

Continue to cultivate deeply, and finally get authoritative recognition

Since its launch in May 2017, DAS-Security has provided high-value cybersecurity situation awareness technologies and services to a total of more than 1,000 customers in many countries, including China, the United States, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Malaysia and so on.


Product award collection (part)

It's been five years since we created our original aspirations and kept our inventiveness. We have been adhering to the spirit of "Superb Workmanship resulting from the Exceptional Powers of Concentration" and our technical strengths are finally recognized by various authorities.Relevant products have won more than 30 awards, including the leading scientific and technological achievements of the world Internet Conference in 2019, the leading scientific and technological achievements of the Big Data Expo in 2019 and 2021.It has been rated as a demonstration pilot project for three consecutive years by Ministry of industry and information technology of People's Republic of China in 2018,2019 and 2020,Breakout Security Information Event Management (SIEM) InfoSec Award for 2019 etc.Among them, many products have been rated as the first in the domestic comprehensive ranking by many consulting institutions, including IDC and AQNIU.

Through program development, DAS-Security has gradually opened up the domestic and international situation awareness market and helped more than 800 customers worldwide build systematic situation awareness and critical basic information security supervision systems. DAS-Security has successfully secured dozens of major events including G20, 6 consecutive World Internet Conferences, and the 2019 China International Import Expo.

With the development of global information construction and network informatization, network attacks are becoming more and more intense; AiLPHA helps government and enterprises to achieve effective security element analysis, intelligent identification of security risks, and improve the overall risk warning capability of security events; enhance the security assessment system and protection ecology; maintain information technology neutrality and industrial globalization, and curb the abuse of information technology.


Cyberspace Administration of China
People's Government of Zhejiang Province
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
International Telecommunication Union
World Intellectual Property Organization
Secretariat of World Internet Conference (Preparatory Office)
Cyberspace Administration of Zhejiang Province
Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang Province
Tongxiang Municipal People's Government
National Internet Emergency Center
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