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Collection: Dongfeng autonomous driving project

By Dongfeng Motor Corporation wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-12-03

Dongfeng's autonomous driving project has invested more than 1 billion yuan in research and development. By Dongfeng Motor Group Co., LTD., Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, many domestic head autonomous driving enterprises, top universities at home and abroad, as well as many parts enterprises, an industrial ecological alliance with leading intelligent network core technology, key resources and supporting capabilities has been established. The project will put more than 200 Robotaxi on the open road for regular demonstration operation.


Dongfeng Autonomous Driving Pilot Project takes the integration and development of the automobile industry as its path, creates innovative models, cultivates new business formats, and builds and operates the autonomous driving test and demonstration base with the largest range, the most vehicles, the most abundant scenes and the most advanced technology in China and even the world.

It has important and far-reaching significance for Industry development and control of Dongfeng core technology to make the project implemented. Through the integration and innovation of commerce and technology, exploring the landing mode of commercial demonstration operation will play a positive role in promoting the automotive industry, especially the large-scale application of high-level automatic driving above L3+, and will be an important milestone for the real large-scale commercial application of high-level automatic driving. For Dongfeng Motor Corporation, through the project, it will control core technology and key resources, build core competence, build the ecological circle of core technology and key resources of Dongfeng intelligent network, enhance the brand strength of Dongfeng independent business, and create an innovative highland for the development of intelligent network union and automatic driving vehicle.

面向智慧出行的网联自动驾驶系统Robotaxi 1_副本.png

In the early stage of research, through joint innovation of independent core technologies, accelerate technological iteration, improve research efficiency, shorten research cycle, and promote the autonomous driving industry chain to be full of innovation and competitiveness, and through the ecological conservation of tropical rain forest, realize the regional large-scale commercial mass production of high-level automatic driving vehicles above L3, and explore the commercial operation mode for L3+ high-level automatic driving.

On Feb 27, 2021, led by Dongfeng, 55 robotaxi have been running and collaborative platform with "people, vehicle, road and cloud" for the intelligent vehicle group facing mixed traffic flow has been running online and about its media experience activity has been launched successfully. At present, multi-dimensional scene site and automatic driving operation lines that contact high speed railway station, airport and other core transportation hubs, The Yellow Crane Tower, Chu River Han Street and other famous tourist attractions or commercial streets, Citizen's homes, universities, hospitals, government and enterprise organs and units have been established. So far, the accumulated mileage has reached one million kilometers. The robotaxi were open to the public, nearly 10,000 orders have been reserved and nearly 10,000 people have experienced.

面向智慧出行的网联自动驾驶系统Robotaxi 3_副本.jpg

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