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Collection: A New GeoComputation Pattern

By Tsinghua University wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2021-12-03

In the era of big data and intelligence, GIS, as the core technology to solve spatial problems, has played an increasingly important role in many fields, such as resource investigation and spatial planning. However, because GIS software is too complex and it is difficult to effectively verify the computing results of complex spatial analysis, it limits the more profound and wider application of GIS technology. Therefore, Zhou Wensheng's team of Tsinghua University put forward a brand-new GIS application pattern of Document as a System (referred to as DAS), which subverts people's cognition of GIS application patterns. Its core idea is that in MS Word or Kingsoft WPS document processing environment, business personnel use GeoComputation language to standardize the description of GeoComputation process, form intelligent documents that can be understood by computers, after that, the intelligent Document drives the background system to complete the GeoComputation work, GeoComputation Language (G language for short) is a set of GeoComputation process description language (including spatial data collection, spatial data analysis, and analysis result expression), which is easy for business personnel to understand and master, and can be recognized and executed by computers. The technology has the following three characteristics:

Firstly, it provides a convenient computing environment and description language for complex GeoComputation.

DAS pattern adopts MS Word, which is familiar to people, or Kingsoft WPS, a domestic software, as the environment for the construction and analysis of geographic information, which significantly facilitates the implementation of GeoComputation, While the G language is a natural programming language different from the existing programming language. It adopts unique keyword technology and tabular programming technology, abandons the complex restrictions in the traditional programming language, reduces the technical threshold of constructing geographical analysis models or analysis systems, and plays an essential role in the broad application of GIS technology.


Secondly, it provides a feasible computing paradigm for systematic and standardized spatial analysis.

Ensuring the quality of complex geographical processing is a difficult problem that has plagued the industry for a long time. DAS pattern records the methods, parameters and intermediate results used in each GeoComputation processing step in detail through G language, which is easy for people to understand. It provides a reliable technical guarantee for backtracking and checking GeoComputation results, and also provides a feasible solution for eliminating fraud of research results.

Thirdly, the complete expression of geographical processing knowledge is realized for the first time.

In the traditional GIS application pattern, GeoComputation process is separated from geographic analysis model and computing results (such as existing academic papers and research reports), which causes great difficulties for the reuse of subsequent GeoComputation models and the verification of computing results. DAS pattern integrates the three in MS Word or Kingsoft WPS for the first time, forming a complete knowledge expression system, which can realize the efficient dissemination and reuse of geographical analysis knowledge. The application of DAS pattern in academic papers or research reports can greatly improve the transformation efficiency from academic achievements to productivity.


At present, based on the research results, a G language integrated development and operation platform under MS Word or Kingsoft WPS has been developed. The application demonstration systems constructed by this platform include Intelligent Data Processing and Analysis System for Dual-evaluation of Land Spatial Planning, DAS System for Spatial and Temporal Big Data Collection and Analysis, DAS System for Monitoring Villages and Towns, DAS System for Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Global Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Situation, DAS System for GIS Teaching in Tsinghua and DAS System for Intelligent Statistical Analysis of Natural Resources Monitoring in Qingdao, etc. These systems can be downloaded from Dual-evaluation DAS in WeChat official account. These systems have been applied in more than 200 units in more than 30 provinces across the country, including more than 100 universities (such as London University, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Wuhan University, Nanjing University and Zhejiang University), more than 30 national, provincial and municipal scientific research institutions (such as Chinese Land Surveying and Planning Institute, China Geological Survey, National Marine Data Information Center and China Academy of Urban Planning & Design), and more than 50 planning and design units and technology companies.

In addition, the monograph A New GeoComputation Pattern and Its Application in Dual-Evaluation formed by this achievement is published by Springer Nature, the world's top scientific, educational and professional publishing institution. It is also the first monograph that Surveying and Mapping Press exports copyright to foreign publishing institutions.

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