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New Year message from Werner Zorn, Internet Hall of Fame Inductee, Father of the German Internet, and Professor Emeritus of the Hasso-Plattner Institute

wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2022-01-28

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Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Friends and Colleagues, 

with the New Year ahead of us, we are facing the 3rd year of the Corona Pandemic, the worst natural catastrophe in modern times, not knowing how long this will last and which new mutations of the virus are already waiting for us, claiming another death toll in millions globally, from the richest to the poorest countries, with neither mercy nor distinction. Even though the most qualified researchers found antidote in the shortest time ever seen, the virus is unfortunately faster to escape and continue its disaster work.  

Philosophie and life experience tell us, however, that for each misery there is a blessing, in every defeat a chance to turn the game. From a higher point of view, the current Corona crisis makes us identify the otherwise unnoticed deficiencies or even long term pain points, in areas like healthcare, industrial supply chain, and international cooperation.  

Among all possible fields of international cooperation, vaccination management has the highest potential to be solved with IT-methods. The reason, why corona is still dominating the world in ongoing waves, is the missing of appropriate and powerful IT systems. People everywhere in the world, being all of a sudden surprised by corona in spring 2020 and in need of reacting immediately, found themselves in a heuristic mix of existing manual and IT-based solutions, which does not at all correspond to the complexity of the Corona pandemic, neither as a whole nor in single stages. 

Getting back to the point of how to vaccinate as many people as possible, that means therefore to understand the global Corona problem also as a global IT-challenge, which can only be solved globally.  

Thanks in advance to anyone, who might have such a system or even an idea, how to get one asap.  

In hope, 

together with Best wishes for A Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger  

Werner Zorn

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