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Traditional crafts: a new hit in China

wuzhenwic.org Updated: 2022-08-10

Chinese companies engaged in intangible cultural heritage (ICH) products are expanding their publicity platforms and sales with the help of online platforms backed by digital technologies, and have now become a new hit in China.

A notice on promoting the high-quality inheritance and development of traditional crafts was jointly issued by ten ministries and authorities in China, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology, which calls for more efforts to sell and promote traditional crafts and products both online and offline.

Online platforms have opened a door for traditional culture to enhance its influence, which enables more consumers to know about and use traditional crafts products, while the internet further stimulates the driving force for self-generated development of traditional crafts, said experts.

Backed by technologies, online platforms are becoming an important channel to protect, inherit, spread and sell traditional culture and products in digital forms.

Take the short-video platform DouYin, the Chinese version of TikTok, for example, videos about national ICH projects have been played 372.6 billion times over the past year, with 9.4 billion likes, which covered 99.74 percent of such projects in the country, according to the platform's ICH data report in 2022.

Digital economy is reshaping the development environment of ICH. It not only enables the public to feel its cultural connotations in a convenient and direct way, but also protects and displays the vigor of traditional culture through digital means, so as to continuously achieve inheritance and innovation, said Fan Zhou, director of the Beijing Jinghe Institute of Culture and Tourism Development.

The ICH Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with major e-commerce platforms in the country, launches an annual themed online shopping festival on the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day since 2020. The festival features ICH products and time-honored brands, with a sales area dedicated to traditional crafts products, which has since greatly boosted sales of ICH products.

In Beijing, eighteen time-honored brands, such as Tongrentang, Quanjude and Liubiju, jointly held a series of innovative online activities during the festival.

The latest data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism shows that over 6,200 ICH publicity and exhibition activities were held on this year's Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, with over 2,400 online. The combination of livestreaming and on-site exhibitions integrated ICH products into people's daily lives and attracted more young consumers as well.

In the meantime, the culture of Chinese traditional festivals has been well shared in the digital world through NFTs.

During this year's Dragon Boat Festival, 12 sets of digital collectibles, featuring a combination of cultural symbols of "Zongzi" and dragon boats, as well as local culture of Yichang in Central China's Hubei province, were launched, with 52,277 consumers showing interest. When they officially went on sale, all 24,000 digital collectibles were sold out in less than three minutes.

Based on technologies, such as the blockchain, 5G, and artificial intelligence, the digital presentation of traditional culture provides a more immersive, realistic and interactive experience for users through digital space modeling, virtual reality, 3D printing and other means.

The potential of digital technologies in unveiling more scenarios for traditional crafts and products is under active discussion in the industry. Thanks to the empowerment of technologies, some traditional crafts are becoming new hits in China, with more diverse ways of recording, presenting and inheriting. The traditional crafts are embracing an even brighter future, with new ideas for the dissemination of traditional culture arising from emerging technologies, said experts.

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