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  • Internet governance important to economy and politics: Algerian official2016-11-16

    "The governance of internet is of paramount importance for our economy and the future of our politics," she said.

  • Greg Slater: strike balance between surveillance, security2016-11-16

    "It is a very logical speech and the four principles president Xi presented make senses. I believe internet should have rules and from the speech I know Xi is trying to achieve a balance between government surveillance and cyber security issues".

  • Giovanni Pitruzzella: global ties are key2016-11-16

    "It is a speech full of vision and it delivers a perspective that the international committee should follow for the wellbeing of the entire humanity. But we need to improve international cooperation to reach the goals mentioned in the speech."

  • Raj Reddy: theory needs execution2016-11-16

    "It is a very instructive speech. It shows that Chinese leaders have all the principles in place, now they need to execute. Right now China has connected half of its population, how will it connect the other half will be the main challenge".

  • President Xi sentiments the pathway to reform: academic2016-11-16

    "In terms of internet education, we should deepen reforms according to President Xi Jinping's speech and cultivate integrated talents in the spirit of internet innovation. This is our goal for future development."

  • John L Thornton: internet at the fore2016-11-16

    "It is a speech with a consistent message. His idea that internet should be governed by all countries is exactly correct," said John L Thornton, co-chair of the Board of the Brookings Institute.

  • James Saaka: an aspiring speech2016-11-16

    "It is a very good speech and his aspiration is also our aspiration," said James Saaka, executive director of National Information Technology Authority-Uganda.

  • Del Christensen: Internet can't be lawless2016-11-16

    "I agree with president Xi that there should be rules on the internet, or some standard that the world should abide to for better cooperation and trade. The internet is not a lawless zone. Every other subject like finance, military, and medicine all have rules, the internet should be no different,"

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