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  • Fifth World Internet Conference to boost inclusive digitalization2018-11-08

    The Fifth World Internet Conference (WIC), also known as the Wuzhen Summit, kicked off Wednesday in the historical town of Wuzhen, in northern Zhejiang province.

  • Coding is not a magic bullet2018-11-08

    Robots will take over our jobs, all manual work will disappear, only the highly skilled will stand a chance in the employment market of the not-so-distant future. These are some of the dire warnings experts are issuing.

  • WIC should address benefits, challenges of the internet2017-12-05

    The fourth World Internet Conference opened Dec 3 in the ancient town of Wuzhen in Zhejiang, China. In this unassuming little ancient town, the past and future world meet together, history joins technology to fuse the present with the future.

  • Experts: Internet should unite, not divide, China, US2017-12-05

    China and the United States should take measures to ensure that the internet unites rather than divides the two countries and refrain from "arms race" in the cyberspace, according to scholars and experts attending a forum during the 4th World Internet Conference.

  • Huge 5G rollout to see Chinese telecoms take center stage2017-12-04

    Chinese companies are scrambling to gain a lead in the race to commercialize 5G-or the next-generation mobile communication technology-as the country evolves from being a follower into a pioneering player in the global telecoms arena.

  • IoT to upgrade manufacturing2017-12-04

    China is catching up fast with advanced economies in adopting and fostering the internet of things or IoT to make manufacturing more efficient and competitive, said the head of China operations of a global consulting firm.

  • Cooperation needed to curb game addiction2017-12-04

    Systems designed to curb Chinese young people's obsession with online gaming require consensus between children and their parents to be effective, experts and tech engineers said.

  • Joint response for kids' protection2017-12-04

    The internet has brought great benefits to young people, particularly those who are marginalized or live in remote communities. Yet it also presents serious risks to child safety, according to a top international expert.

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